About Rancho Wildlife


Rancho Las Lomas is an open-air museum that lives, breathes, squawks and growls. Our dedication is to educate and inspire the community about the wonders of the natural world, while helping all realize every creature of this planet deserves the right to live with compassion and respect. Our mission is to provide the best home possible for the animals in our care. Our hope is that this collection of exotic creatures will touch your call of the wild and engage you to become an advocate with us.

Our Purpose

Rancho Wildlife Foundation (RWF) is a non-profit dedicated to the creation of a crucial link between people, animals, and the preservation of nature. RWF is established to create a beautiful place for people to connect with the wild in our world, and demonstrate ways by which all can make a positive contribution to the environment.

Program Activities

RWF operates from the grounds of the beautiful Rancho Las Lomas located in the foothills of Orange County California. The property encompasses over 32 acres in the midst of urbanization. The unique setting creates an ideal opportunity to attract visitors while promoting wildlife protection and education.


  • In light of our goal to educate, we offer various field trip options for public, private, charter and home schools, summer camps, girl and boy scout troops and more! We love talking to kids about what is required to care for animals, different behaviors, adaptations, ecosystems, the endangerment of various species, what we can do to help and why wild animals should not be kept as pets. Children will have the greatest impact on future generations of wildlife, so it is important for them to learn to protect and conserve nature and its creatures. Annually we reach over 5,000 children through our educational programs.

As funds are available RLLWF will establish on going programs including:


  • Providing financial support for in-situ wildlife conservation projects.


  • Provide conservationists and researchers outreach opportunities in order to facilitate a vital link between people outside of academia and the wild ecosystems in need of preservation.

for more information:

call 949.589.7900
email info@ranchowildlife.org

Our Team

Julie Stoddart

Julie Stoddart


Before joining our rancho wildlife team, Julie spent many years working and caring for animals in the veterinarian medicine community. With her love of nature, animals and the rancho wildlife foundation, we have found an essential advocate. With her gracious and patient demeanor she is responsible for overseeing the daily operations and development of all fundraising and public events.

Pets: Dog, cat and parrots

Cynthia Findley

Cynthia Findley


Cynthia started as a volunteer for Rancho Wildlife in 2012, it quickly became apparent that she would make a great addition to our team and started with us in early 2013. Doubling as Volunteer Coordinator, Cynthia is continuously recruiting and training animal care volunteers. She faces the daily challenges of being an Animal Keeper with a smile and sense of humor, ensuring her fellow staff members stay positive.

Pets:Dog, cats and bird

Bianca Ortega

Bianca Ortega


Bianca has gained experience interning for zoos and sanctuaries before joining our Rancho Wildlife family. She has worked with lions, tigers, and even bears. Bianca graduated from Sonoma State University with a B.A in Environmental Studies with emphasis in conservation and restoration. As a resident animal keeper she is in charge of our Enrichment program and also assists with educational tours. During her free time she loves being a foodie, being out in nature, and enjoys photography.

Pets: Dog

Rebekah Owen

Rebekah Owen

Tour Guide

Rebekah volunteered for Rancho Wildlife for a short time, and through the passion she showed toward animals and our organization, we quickly found a vital family member. As our educational tour guide, she enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge with all of our guests. She previously worked as a pet sitter and has been studying animal behavior in school. Since she was a child, her love for animals, especially reptiles, was obvious and she spends some time outside of work caring for her small collection of rehomed snakes and lizards.

Pets: Dogs and reptiles

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The Rancho Las Lomas Wildlife Foundation 501 (c)3 is a permenant home for exotic animals and non-releasable native wildlife. It is supported exclusively by sponsorships, memberships, bequests, and private donations. Your tax-deductible contribution is crucial, as it insures that the special care we provide to our animals, will continue.

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