Guided tours

Reservations for a wildlife tour are required to visit our facility. Our guided wildlife tours offer families and friends the opportunity to get up close and personal with our animals as well as admire the elegant architecture and our beautiful botanical gardens throughout the property. Our knowledgeable tour guides are dedicated to educating and inspiring our visitors while promoting wildlife protection and education.

For more information, pricing and to schedule – or (949) 589-7900

Field Trips

In light of our goal to educate, we offer various field trip options for public, private and home schools. We love talking to students about what is required to care for the animals, why their behaviors are different from one another, the endangerment of various species and why wild animals should not be kept as pets. Children will have the greatest impact on future generations of wildlife, so it is important for them to learn to protect and conserve nature and it’s creatures. Educational tours are offered at a discounted rate of $10 per person.

For more information, pricing and to schedule – or (949) 589-7900

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts

Bring your troop or den for a fun-filled afternoon with an up close and personal educational tour. We have different options for service projects and they can even earn an endangered species patch.

For more information, pricing and to schedule – or (949) 589-7900

Junior Keeper

Rancho Wildlife Foundation offers the Junior Keeper Program for teenagers between the ages of 13-18 who are looking to gain hands on experience in the animal care and welfare field. The JK will spend the day behind the scenes assisting the Animal Keeper with daily activities such as preparing diets, cleaning enclosures, observing the animal’s behaviors and share their findings. Participants will receive a certificate of completion signed by their supervisor and foundation director. $75 donation per day

For more information contact –